Labour Source Job Ready Tips – The Resume Part 1

The resume - tips for getting started writing and updating your resume.

Are you looking for work? The Labour Source Job Ready Tips are ideal for newcomers to Canada, first time job hunters or anyone looking for work. Get Job Ready Today.

In Part 1 of our series on the Resume we cover the structure of the resume. Interested in reading other posts on The Resume? Look for our blog posts on Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4 in the resume series.  

Job Search Tip – You need an updated resume.

If you don’t have a resume, you should put one together! Think about all the time you spend filling out application forms with the same information. It will save you time and help a prospective employer view your work history. Some employers require a resume to apply to work. If you need assistance writing your resume ask Labour Source, we can help. If you have a resume, make sure it is updated with your current job history.  

Job Search Tip – Read Labour Source Resume Tips on our website.

Need help putting your resume together? Labour Source can help. Start by reading the Labour Source Resume Tips on our website. If you do not have access to a computer, most Public Libraries have computers you can use to create a simple 1 page resume. Most resumes contain the following information: your contact information, work history, education and training, volunteer experience and references. We recommend you also include a profile section that outlines your best work related skills, abilities and personality. Your profile should be directly below your contact information. If you need assistance writing your resume ask Labour Source, we can help. 

Job Search Tip – Your Resume Should be 1 or 2 pages’ long.

For most general labour work a 1-page resume is preferred; 2 pages’ is the maximum length. Why so short? Hiring Managers are busy and want to see a quick summary of your work history, skills, abilities, and experience. Many employers only read the top 1/3 of the first page of your resume. It is your job to make your resume easy to read and clearly explain your work qualifications. Make sure you include a summary of your qualifications at the top of the page under your contact information. Don’t forget to ask someone to proof read your resume to correct spelling and grammar. 

Job Search Tip – Update Contact Information.

Keep your resume up to date with your current email and contact phone number. Update your resume anytime you have new information: contact information, recent work history, or recent skills training. You should also review your resume before applying for work to make sure you have a good understanding of your work history. Reading your resume in advance will help refresh your memory about past jobs and the details of the daily work you performed. Potential employers will ask you questions about your resume – make sure you can provide specific information about your employers, the length of time on the job, your job duties and the skills you learned. 

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Carol Irwin is a Labour Source's Human Resource Consultant.  The content of this blog reflects Carol's personal and professional insights of this ever changing world.