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We will help you find the right job. 


Labour Source advisors will help you to find the right job for you.  We will spend time getting to know you and preparing you for the job that matches your skills and expectations. 


First, complete an online application and upload your resume, if you have one.  


All candidates must come into our office and complete the following steps:


  • Show our recruiter your social insurance card and a government issued photo identification
  • Complete an online application, if you have not completed it from home
  • Complete a written and online test reviewing skills and mathematical concepts
  • Read Labour Source Orientation Manual and complete an in office orientation
  • Have an interview with a Labour Source Recruiter
  • Provide references from previous jobs

When coming to the Labour Source office bring:


  • your social insurance card 
  • government issued photo identification
  • bring your resume, if you have one (but it is best to upload your resume to Labour Source when you apply)
  • If you don't have a resume, bring a list of the places you have worked with contact information and work references.


Testing and orientation:

We need to figure out which jobs are the right jobs for you. Labour Source requires that all applicants complete a written and online test that helps our recruiters identify the type of work that best suits you. All Labour Source employees and candidates also receive an orientation that introduces workers to Labour Source policies and procedure and information regarding things like employment and health and safety laws. 


Once a candidate has read and acknowledged the Labour Source Employee Orientation Hand book, you should keep it as a reference regarding the policies and procedures they are expected to know if they get a job with Labour Source.


Employees are also given any additional information they need about our clients’ worksites so they can work safely and effectively on the job.


When coming to the Labour Source office, be sure to allow enough time to complete all parts of the application process.


The Interview:

A Labour Source recruiter will interview you immediately after you are finished the written documents and orientation. The interview gives the Labour Source representatives a chance to get to know you better and determine what type of work you are looking for.

Getting a job:

When a job becomes available for you, Labour Source will contact you and provide you with the information you need to get started in your new job.